are 18k hge and 18k gold filled worth any thing? what is the difference?

April 18, 2010 by DeanRichards  
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David S asked:

I have dug 7 gold rings,this Christmas I got a medal detector,2 have 18k hge on them and 2 have 18k gold filled. They are all mens rings, they came from a army base that has been closed for years.

18K Gold Bracelet

How much is 1 gram of 18k gold worth?


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  1. Mens 14K Bracelet

    hge=heavy gold electroplate
    gold filled has very little gold in it (a trace)
    sorry to say both are not worth very much. there may be some value to a collector of memorabilia from that army base.

  2. Mens 14K Bracelet

    Gold filled, and heavy gold electotype are basically GOLD PLATE, so thus there is not much gold there. However, with the run-up in the price of gold, there are actually places who are now buying gold-plate and gold filled items. They don’t pay much, and two rings aren’t worth shipping, but don’t pitch them out. If they do have something to do with the Army base, eBay is a place to sell. I shipped off about 10oz of various plated items and got $70. The big problem with selling plated items is that most smelters will charge you a $75-125 charge per shipment, plus pay a discounted percentage of the true amount of gold. If you only have a modest amount, it doesn’t pay to ship to most smelters.

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